So your marriage is over, but what about your relationship with your in-laws, their relationship with your children, or even your relationship with your ex-spouse’s new Significant Other? What is healthy and appropriate? Much to my dismay, there is no one-size-fits-all manual to answer these questions. Everyone knows at least one divorce horror story, but […]

I started my first blog in 2007 with the encouragement of a good friend who was blogging at that time. My boys were roughly a few months old, and a year and a half old so blogging gave me a great outlet to keep my friends and family up to date.  In addition, I had […]

You may be asking yourself, does the title mean she thinks it’s not a good idea to work together, or is she going to offer some tips on how to make it work. The answer is yes. When I met the man who is now my ex-hubs, we were working for the same company.  The […]

When you stood at the altar in front of God and all of your friends and family (or the Justice of the Peace, if applicable), you did not do so with a voice in the back of your head saying “I wonder how long we will last”, or “I will ride this wave as long as […]

Most women are really good about getting their annual checkups. We don’t necessarily enjoy the process, but we understand that it has to be done. With my family medical history, I am even more neurotic about staying on top of my health. In addition to my physical health, I make sure I do an annual check-up, […]

When the ex-hubs and I hooked up, we figured that we at least knew how “not” to be married. Between the two of us, our parents had 11 marriages on the books. The ex and I, in our infinite wisdom of 21 and 25, thought we had been given some good examples of what not […]

I am not really sure you can even call it a hallway.  It is more like a small room of doors.  Within this little room is a door to the kitchen, the bathroom, and two bedroom doors.  The one area of wall actually houses a couple of storage drawers and a linens cabinet.  The lighting […]


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